At Panda Pod Hotel, the safety, security and comfort of our guests is our top priority. Accordingly, the following rules are strictly enforced:

  • Check-in time is after 3PM (15:00) PST.

  • Check-out time is before 11AM (11:00) PST. Failure to check out by this time will incur an additional charge equivalent to our one-day rate.

  • For the comfort of all guests, we ask that you keep noise levels (talking, music, etc.) low at all times, especially between 10PM (22:00) and 10AM (10:00) PST.

  • Only registered guests are allowed on Panda Pod Hotel premises.

  • A limited number of pods is available for guests requiring accessibility.

  • Guests must be 18 years of age or older.

  • For security reasons, guests must present at check-in a valid photo ID displaying an address from outside the Greater Vancouver area (excluding islands) and a valid credit card. The name on the credit card must exactly match the name on the ID. Panda Pod Hotel reserves the right to cancel a booking if the names do not match. 

  • Per manufacturer specifications, all sleeping pods have a maximum weight capacity of 220lb/100kg. For the safety and health of our guests, only one person not exceeding 220lb/100kg is permitted in each pod at all times.

  • No pets are allowed on hotel premises at any time. A BC Guide/Service certificate may be requested for service animals in the front desk and lounge areas.

  • For health and safety reasons, no animals are allowed at any time in the sleeping area. Regrettably, this includes service animals
    (GUIDE DOG AND SERVICE DOG ACT [SBC 2015] CHAPTER 17 - Tenancy. Section 3. (3)Subsection (2) (a) )
    (Ref: )

  • Transferring to another pod, after the pod allocated at check-in has been used, will incur a $20 cleaning fee.

  • Luggage storage is for checked-in guests only. It is accessible via the front desk.

  • For health and safety reasons, a pod can only be used by the guest to whom it was allocated. Any guests found in a pod not allocated to them will be fined a cleaning fee of $200.

  • As a Panda Pod guest, you are responsible for damages. Fees for damages include, but are not limited to, replacement costs for damaged items, stolen/soiled linens or towels, breakage of hotel property, and/or additional cleaning costs.

  • It is suggested that you carry your access key set (key/card/fob and hotel metal key tag) at all times. A $20 replacement fee will be charged for a lost key or part(s) of the set. Refunds will not be issued if the keys/cards/fobs are found at a later time.

  • The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on hotel premises. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who is deemed to be under the influence and/or is found bringing alcohol onto the property. Any guests found in violation of this policy will be removed from the premises without refund. If you are buying alcohol as a gift or for consumption after check-out, you must keep it sealed in your stored luggage.

  • No drugs, smoking or vaping—including medical marijuana—is allowed on hotel premises. Any guests found in violation of this policy will be removed without refund and charged a $200 fee for deep-cleaning costs. All tobacco, marijuana and vaping paraphernalia must be kept stored at all times.

  • Due to allergy and fire concerns, candles, incense and essential oils (including diffusers, vaporizers, etc.) are prohibited. All candles, incense, essential oils and related paraphernalia must be kept stored at all times. Failure to do so will result in a $200 fee for deep-cleaning costs.

  • For health and safety reasons, the pod areas are strictly scent-free zones. Upon complaint from other guests, guests with scents such as perfume, marijuana, etc., will be asked to seal their items. Refusal to respect this policy may result in being asked to leave the hotel premises.

  • Firearms are strictly prohibited on hotel premises.

  • For health and safety reasons, the preparation of any food is prohibited on hotel premises. Our lounge microwave may be used strictly for food reheating purposes. The lounge is also equipped with a coffee maker and kettle. The misuse of these small appliances will incur a penalty of $500.

  • Due to safety reasons, no outside electrical appliances may be used on hotel premises. Any guests found in violation of this policy will be removed without refund.

  • Due to health and safety concerns, no eating or drinking is allowed in the pod area. Any guests found in violation of this policy will be charged $200 for deep-cleaning costs.

  • For privacy protection, no photographs or video recording are permitted on hotel premises, except at the front desk and in the lounge area.

  • In order to prevent potential credit card fraud, please ensure that you have a valid photo ID and a valid credit card with matching names.

  • No cash accepted at check-in.



  • All booking costs will be charged at the time a reservation is made.

  • Upon check-in, a CAD$80 security deposit will be put on hold on your pre-authorized credit card. Should damages occur or if the guest incurs any additional fees, the difference will be charged to the card on file.

  • For check-in, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other popular credit-card service providers or partners. Charges will be in Canadian dollars.


  • Cancellations: Reservations cancelled 7 or more days before arrival are fully refundable. Bookings cancelled less than 7 days before arrival will incur the full cost of reservation. This includes no-shows and any cancellations made during the stay.

  • Changing a booking: If, for any reason, you have to change your check-in date, we will accommodate you free of charge, subject to pod availability. The duration of your stay must match the original booking.

  • Group cancellation rules: Groups of six (6) or more must contact the Panda Pod Hotel team to cancel fourteen (14) days prior to check-in date in order to receive a full refund. Late cancellations or no-shows will be charged the full cost of reservation for each pod booked. If your check-in is more than 14 days away, you are welcome to change your booking to an earlier date at no additional charge. If check-in is less than 14 days away and you would like to change your booking to a later date, we can accommodate you free of charge, subject to pod availability. The duration of your stay must match the original booking. If we are unable to accommodate the change, the group will be charged the full cost of reservation.

  • Changes in the length or dates of the reservation may result in a rate change. Group reservations are subject to group cancellation guidelines.

  • Cancellation policies may vary. Final cancellation terms will be verified at the time of booking.


  • All unclaimed items will be logged and stored for 14 days after check-out.

  • If you have left behind any of your belongings after your stay, please call Panda Pod directly at (604) 300-5551.

  • In order to properly identify the item(s), a complete description of the item(s) is required, including the date and area where the item(s) may have been lost or forgotten.

  • If your item(s) is confirmed to be in our storage, you may schedule a time to pick it up at the hotel.

  • Panda Pod can ship your item(s) at your own risk and expense. If you plan to have someone pick up an item on your behalf, please provide their name in advance and ensure they have valid photo ID. For security purposes, Panda Pod Hotel will not release any items if valid photo ID cannot be presented.  

  • The hotel does not bear responsibility for any lost or forgotten items and cannot guarantee that the items will be found, nor will the hotel provide any compensation for items lost or forgotten under any circumstances.



  • The hotel is fully equipped with smoke detectors. A map with emergency exits can be found on the wall of each sleeping pod. Additional fire safety guidelines are available at the front desk. Please review this important information at the beginning of your stay.

  • No luggage items larger than carry-on — 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches, 22lbs; or 23cm x 40cm x 55cm, 10kg — are allowed in the pod area.

  • All carry-ons must be stored in the designated compartment under the pod.

  • Any extra luggage must be stored at the front desk storage room.

  • Hallways must remain clear at all times.

  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY OR FIRE: Please call 911 and notify the front desk immediately. 



  • All staff is trained and required to respond to potential violations of our Hotel Policy/House Rules. Guests who refuse to abide by the reasonable standards and policies established by Panda Pod Hotel for the safety of all guests and staff will be dealt with according to the policies. 

  • Panda Pod Hotel reserves the right to refuse services to any guests who:

    • act violently or aggressively

    • appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs



  • Panda Pod Hotel will not use at any time, other than for the sole and express benefit of the hotel operation, or disclose to a third party, copy, modify, or adapt in any manner, the Guest’s confidential or private information, other than for the purposes contemplated herein, and it will hold the confidential and private information in trust and in strict confidence as stipulated by the current Canadian Federal and Provincial legislation.




  • According to the British Columbia Hotels Keeper Act [RSBC1996]




  • If, and to the extent that, Panda Pod Hotel is prevented from executing its expected Services for reasons of Force Majeure, while Panda Pod Hotel is so prevented, it shall be relieved of its obligations to provide Services, but shall endeavour to continue to perform its obligations so far as reasonably practicable.




  • In the event that a court of competent jurisdiction finds any term or clause in these Policies to be invalid, unenforceable, or illegal, the same will not have an impact on other terms or clauses in these Policies or the entire Policy.



Thank you very much for choosing Panda Pod Hotel. By cooperating with these policies, you will help to ensure a wonderful stay for you and your fellow guests. We look forward to seeing you soon! 


**Panda Pod Hotel makes every effort to ensure that all information in this policy is accurate and up to date. However, no warranty, expressed or implied, is given that the information provided in this policy is error free. Panda Pod does not accept liability for any errors and/or omissions, and reserves the right to change the information published at any time and without notice.**

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